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State Domestic Products

  - Economic Growth Rate (1990 - 1996)
  The economy of gujarat grew at the rate of 4.91% during 1980-91. During the following given years i.e 1990-91 and 1994-95, the economy marked a growth rate of 7.4%. Quick estimates of NSDP at constant prices in 1994-95 have revealed encouraging results of Gujarat Economy by registering a rise of 13.2% compared to the year 1993-94.
Among the various sectors of economy of Gujarat, the growth has remained particularly strong in respect of Agriculture, Manufacturing and Trade and Transport and Public Administration and Other Services wherein the NSDP has increased by 36.3%, 8.5%, 10.2% and 12.9% respectively compared to the preceding year.

The differentials in the rates of growth for different sectors have led to a structural shift towards secondary and tertiary sectors. The share of the primary sector has gone down from 40.81% of the total net state domestic product at constant prices in 1980-81 to 25.14% during 1994-95. The share of secondary and tertiary sectors have increased from 27.24% and 31.95% to 37.43% each during the same period. During entire Eighth Plan period the economy of Gujarat likely to achieve a growth rate of around 6%.

According to the quick estimates, the Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) of Gujarat State for the year 1995-96 at constant (1980-81) prices is placed at Rs.14211 crores, which is lower than that of the preceding year by about 2.0%. The Agriculture sector normally contributes around 25% to 30% in the total NSDP. The decline in the NSDP from Agriculture sector by about 20.3% over previous year has resulted in to the decline in the total NSDP.

This was mainly due to meager and scanty rainfall and consequently the lower agricultural production in respect of certain crops as compared to the preceding year.

The per capita NSDP at constant (1980-81) prices for the year 1995-96 is estimated at Rs 3172 which is obviously lower by 3.7% than that for the previous year due to the decline in the NSDP from primary sector and an estimated population growth of 1.745 in the state.
According to the quick estimates the NSDP at current prices the year 1995-96 is placed at Rs.49447 crores, which is higher than that the preceding year by about 3.3%. The per capita NSDP at current prices is estimated at Rs. 11036 which is higher than that of the preceding year by about 1.5%.

State Economy (1996 - 2001)
Gujarat has progressed by leaps and bounds and it has become a leading industrial and
progressive State in the country. The economic structure of Gujarat is amongst the best in the country.
The State has registered a healthy growth rate of about 7.7 per cent between 1993-94 and 1998-99. It is expected that the economy of Gujarat is likely to grow with the same rate during the Ninth Plan period (1997-2002). According to the provisional results of Population Census 2001 the population of Gujarat at 0:00 hours of 1st March 2001 stood at 5.06 crore (including the estimated figures of earthquake affected areas), 37.67 percent of its population living in urban areas, having density of 258 persons per sex ratio of 921 and literacy rate of 69.97 per cent.

The period of 1999-00 and 2000-01 proved to be tough for the state economy as it has
to face two successive drought and a devastative earthquake.
During the year 2000, the eleventh finance commission has set new norms for allocation
of resources, due to which Gujarat will be in the list of loser States and will receive about Rs. 550 crore less per year from central allocation.
Further, an unprecedented devastating earthquake of the magnitude of 6.9 at Richter
Scale (U.S. Geological Survey has put the magnitude at 7.7) occurred at 8.46 a.m. on 26 January, 2001, was the worst calamity ever in the history of Gujarat. The damage of life, property and infrastructure network of power, telecommunications, roads, water supply, etc. is colossal. Out of 25 districts of Gujarat, 21 of them having 7904 villages were affected. This was the worst quake causing death of more than 17000 people and injury to about 1.67 lakh people. About 11 lakh houses have destroyed or damaged.
The physical loss is estimated to be of more than 15000 crore rupees.

Trade, etc. reached to rescue and relief assistance, and now the Government has undertaken massive Rehabilitation campaign.
The State has two successive years of severe drought which has stretched the States
resources to the fullest in organising drought relief. The state was also hit by two severe cyclones in the last two years. And now the devastating earthquake. These calamities have imposed an enormous burden on the resources of the State.

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